B.O.R.G - Basic Organic Recall Game

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Basic Rules

B.O.R.G is played on a 6x6 board with 36 hidden colored Orbs. There are 9 different colored Orbs.4 of each color are on the board. Collecting 3 Orbs of the same color scores points. Collecting all 4 Orbs of the same color scores even more! The game is played until no Orbs are left on the board.

How To Play

Player 1 chooses the ROW, Player 2 chooses the COLUMN. The square that intersects the chosen ROW & the chosen COLUMN is the Square/Orb given to Player 1. Player 2 then chooses the ROW, & Player 1 the COLUMN. Player 2 is given the intersecting Square/Orb. This ends one round. There are 18 rounds in a game.

Colored Orbs

Each Orb color scores a different amount of points for collecting 3 or 4 of them, but some Orbs do special things. White Orbs are wild and can be used as any color. However only one White Orb may be used per color. Finding a Black Orb allows you to steal a Orb from your opponent. White Orbs may only be stolen if your opponent has 3 or 4 of them.

Power Rules

Under every Orb, there is a Power Rule. If the chosen square has no Orb, the Power Rule is followed to assign a Orb. There are 9 different Power Rules. 4 of each Power Rule are on the board. Power Rules allow players to choose the Row, Column, or exact Square the Orb comes from.